Green Hip is dedicated to doing everything possible to be socially responsible and to reduce the impact of our day to day business on the earth.

As a new business, our resources are limited but we don't underestimate how far little things can go! For example, we recycle our office paper, use environmentally friendly light bulbs and we collect our kitchen scraps for our chooks! We work closely with our paper suppliers to ensure we choose the most economically and environmentally paper source available.

For every garment we sell we will plant 1 native grass or 1 tree!

Apart from feeling good about getting our hands dirty we also want to be strongly involved with our local Landcare community. We think it's important to feel like we are giving back to the community and educating people about the environment. We also have an inkling that you might enjoy doing some planting too (we know most of you get your hands dirty as your day job, but this won't be work, it'll be fun!) So, Green Hip will be facilitating some planting days in co-ordination with Landcare. If you are a member of our newsletters you will receive information about our planting days so we can help you do your bit for the environment. We may not have the funds to put back into the planet, but we most certainly have the man power to make a difference, or, should we say women power!

Grow Me The Money Awards 2010 Finalist
We are also very pleased to announce that Green Hip was a finalist for Grow Me The Money Awards for Action. Grow Me The Money has been developed in partnership with VECCI and the EPA under a Sustainable Covenant. We submitted our environmental action plan that demonstrated creativity, leadership and a holistic approach to business sustainability. We look forward to putting our actions in place and continually updating and improving our sustainable strategies.

As you may already know, making a garment requires working with many different suppliers. We think it is important to engage with manufacturers that look after their staff and comply with our high manufacturing standards. We are also very dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint! We can do this by reducing our supply chains or simply manufacturing locally where financially possible. For example we print our swing tags here in Melbourne, our thread has been sourced from a Melbourne supplier and our scarves and beanies are locally hand knitted from the Bendigo Woolen Mill. Further more, these small cogs in the chain help reduce Green Hip's carbon footprint, but it also keeps our money local.

In the future we aim to use more environmentally friendly fibres, such as 100% organic cotton, bamboo and hemp once these fibres become more commercially viable for Green Hip. Using fewer chemicals is better for the environment but also socially better for the farmers who need to harvest the fibres. No one likes working with chemicals.

Please, watch this space for more environmental updates!


Sustainability at Green Hip

Green Hip is a proud Australian company with our Head Office based in Manifold Heights just a jump and a skip away from Geelong. In a journey to become as sustainable as possible we focus on the following areas to guide our approach:

Ethical Trade

  • Code of Conduct: Green Hip maintains a high standard within the business and supply chain to uphold ethical behaviours, ensuring compliance with its Code of Conduct.
  • Product Safety: Green Hip ensures products are safe, fit for purpose and meet all the legal and mandatory regulatory requirements within Australia.

Sustainable Sourcing of Raw Materials

  • Wool: Green Hip is a true supporter of Australian industry including the Australian wool industry. Our handmade wool beanies are made with 100% Australian wool.

Social Development Priorities

  • Landcare Australia: At Green Hip we roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty on National Tree Day to plant one native grass or tree for every garment we sell. We may be a smaller company but even the simplest of things change make a large different and this cause is one.

Health and Wellness for Employees

  • Health and Safety: Green Hip is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our employees and operates in compliance with legal requirements as minimum standards and actively promotes safety in the workplace.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity: We are committed to equal opportunity within our team regardless of age, career status, disability, physical features, pregnancy, race, religion, gender, industrial activity, political belief or sexual preference.