At Green Hip, we’re committed to thoroughly testing the workwear sold to ensure you end up with only the highest quality gear. Below are just a few of the testing requirements our workwear must pass to maintain our high quality assurance:

Chemical Testing: We keep your Hip gear safe by testing our fabric for the presence of chemicals and toxins known to be harmful. None of the workwear sold at Green Hip contain AZO Dye chemicals.

Colourfastness: All workwear is tested for fading when washed, dried, exposed to light and rubbing to best retain colour while you’re working hard.

Finishing: All surface coatings on our fabrics are tested to ensure our gear is hardwearing to offer you outstanding and long lasting workwear.

Functionality: All Green Hip clothing is assessed and labelled according to the overall percentage of fibres used, breathability and climate suitability. Additionally, all workwear is in compliance with WorkSafe Sun Protection Regulations, AS NZS 4501.2-2006 and Australian Standard Regulations for industrial workwear.

Durability: Green Hip garments are tested for garment and fabric strength, stretchability, movability, abrasion resistance, seam slippage/strength, button strength and pilling resistance. This extensive testing process of our garments determines whether the most suitable materials and fabrics have been used therefore, we have labelled how to care for your workwear to maximize the longevity of your gear.