My Green Hip pants are the best fitting trousers I own and the shirts are amazing!

Kim | The Block


We use Green Hip shirts, shorts and pants as our uniform for our women rangers at Crocodile Islands Ranges. The ladies prefer Green Hip to any other brand we've tried and they look great on out team!

Chloe | The Crocodile Islands Rangers


I'm loving my new Green Hip Workwear designed for women. You've got to get your hands on a pair of these pants and shirts... super comfortable!

Carly | Reno Rumble


Who would've thought there'd be workwear at the Logies. Most comfortable outfit there!

Jess | The Block


Green Hip workwear is a transformation from the ill fitting men's uniforms that have dominated the market for decades. Green Hip provides a great product and excellent service that makes the personal fitting an easy task and they will go out of their way to get the right fit. I would recommend you try Green Hip's products!

Therese Turner | Hoticulturist Team Leader, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne 


I’ve been wearing my Hi-Vis pants for almost a month now. They’ve been through multiple washes, survived my lunch time spills, constant slips and trips, ever changing body shape and still look and feel as if they are brand new. The fabric is soft and forgiving while the cut of the pants have actually been tailored to fit a women, so they don’t make me look and feel like one of the guys on site. I would highly recommend these pants for any women working in Hi-Vis on a regular basis.

Cecilia | AGL 


Thank you for getting my gorgeous new trousers in the mail so promptly. I've worn them for the last couple of days and they are soooo comfortable! I'm sure I'm twice as productive. Thank you also for such a great design and fabric. An enormous improvement on any other work trousers I've ever had. I'll be highly recommending them to everyone I know.

Emily Noble | Bushland Manager

Working on the farm, and in the garden and nursery can be pretty tough work. Handling firewood, sheep, alpacas, bales of hay, fencing and general gardening can get pretty grotty and hard wearing on clothes. When spending days in the nursery bending and lifting I want to be comfortable. Then I have to be in a fit state to meet the nursery customers. For the first time, I am wearing comfortable, hard-wearing and smart-looking work wear! Green Hip has been easy to make contact with and very helpful in supplying well-made women's work clothing. It is reassuring to know that the clothes are made by people who are cared for in their workplace. Once I sorted out my sizing, the rest has been easy

Kate Blood | Heritage Fruit Trees Beaufort, Victoria

“I’m really loving my Green Hip pants, particularly (compared to my previous work pants) how they haven't stretched or shrunk. I don't need to iron them, they are comfortable as soon as you put them on and the fabric doesn’t fade. The length is perfect for me (being a bit taller) and the phone pocket is great. The pants fit perfectly on my hips - not to high or to low! The bit of stretch also makes them comfortable for bending over, jumping fences and crawling around on my hands and knees in paddocks! I even find myself wearing them on weekends at home when I am doing the gardening and other outside jobs. Green Hip, you have done a great job!”

Linda Murry | Victorian Government

After many years of wearing ill fitting workwear I have discovered Green Hip. When I wear Green Hip clothing I feel professional and ready for the hard work and movement my job requires. At last I've found some workwear with a fit that is stylish, feminine and comfortable. The fabric is soft, yet durable for the protection I need. It washes well too.

Terry Smyth | Horticulturist for 30 years, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

I’m absolutely thrilled with my new work clothes from Green Hip. The cut is flattering and the fabric is a breathable cotton with a nice amount of give that makes them very comfortable to wear. Green Hip provided courteous and efficient service, organising logo embroidery on the shirts and a larger size in the pants without any fuss. I highly recommend Green Hip work wear for women who want to look professional and feel comfortable at the same time.

Marie Reade | Spade Horticultural Services

Love the shorts!

Sally Dayton | Farmer & Gardener

My Green Hip workwear is so comfy. All the sizing on the website seems just right. I loved the genuine touch of your wrapping and postage. Thanks!

Katie Nettelbeck | Horticulturalist

The most comfortable workwear ever!

Melanie Kinsey | Horticultural Photojournalist

We are extremely happy with our Green Hip clothing and as women who work hands-on in the landscape industry we have found it difficult in the past to find clothing that is comfortable to work in but still fits well and makes you feel feminine. Since finding your company we haven't bought work clothing from anyone else. The colour of the clothing is really unique and it happens to go very well with our company colour scheme. The pants in particular are constantly worn and washed, rarely making it to the wardrobe as they are the first item we reach for in the morning. Keep up the good work, we love your gear.

Annette and Polly | Earth Girls

I've just picked up my Green Hip pants and they are great! They fit fine and I love all the useful pockets. Thank you for taking care with my order.

Brigitte Hawley | Veterinary Pharmacist, Green World, Kent, United Kingdom

Thanks for posting my Give Pants so promptly. I wore them for the first time today and I love them! Sucha a great fit and so comfortable! Thanks also for the sacred basil seeds. A lovely surprise.

Jacqui Evans | Melbourne

I have been running my own gardening business, Garden Presentations, for 25 years and I have found it almost impossible to buy ladies work pants until I discovered green hip. The pants have a modern slim fit but are still very comfortable to work in and all the bending over our work requires! It is always a pleasure to receive my prompt delivery of pants in the mail with a little hand written message or packet of seeds!

Fiona Luce | Garden Presentations

I am a hard working horticulturist and love wearing Green Hip work pants – they're so comfortable. Thanks to the Spandex component they move with my body and fit so much better than any other work wear available on the market, men's or ladies, and I've tried both! I was most comfortable wearing jeans until I tried Green Hip – now I wear them every day to work - the high UV protection is also a huge plus. I highly recommend them!

Deanne Vincze | Gardeners @ Heart

Green Hip clothes are comfy, great to work in and finally I feel like a woman while working in the nursery.

Belinda Gardiner | Nursery Manager, Oz Trees

I just got my first Green Hip outfit! Very excited as it feels great and although I say so myself, it looks terrific too! Thanks Green Hip I can't wait to get to work now!

Jean Ringrose Coyne | Gardener

The women who work at our nursery love their Green Hip gear. They look professional while working and Green Hip arranged the embroidery of the logo on the shirts with no fuss. Our female staff are relieved to finally have access to work wear designed for women. It's comfortable, wash's really well and hasn't faded quickly like other workwear has in the past. I'd definitely recommend business's to buy Green Hip for their female workwear. Thanks Green Hip.

Tony Gainger | Partner, Rhodo Glen Nursery

I love my Green Hip pants! I love the cut of them and they are incredibly comfy. They are made from a beautiful brushed cotton with a little bit of stretch. Oh, and I also love the location of the mobile phone pocket, completely practical, eliminating having to carry it in the front or back pocket, both of which I find uncomfortable. Great design. Well done Green Hip! I'll be recommending to all the women I know!

Janet Gardiner | Home Gardener

I just wanted to tell you that I love the shorts and the shirt! They fit great, great quality, love the cut and style. So glad to have finally found your products – been searching for a while for good women’s work wear that wasn’t ugly (and meant for boys – ha ha!). Your packaging is cute too! Thanks for your great product, and customer service.

Leanne Bell | The Pussycat Pole

I pretty much live in my Green Hip pants they are so comfortable, it is very difficult to find pants that fit, have proper pockets and are tough enough for field work!

Claire McCall | Field Ecologist

I think the Green Hip uniform is fantastic. Not only does it look great but it feels good to wear as well. My job is very physical and being able to move around freely and comfortably is something I look for in a uniform. It is comfortable to work in which is very important to me and I also feel great wearing Green Hip. Thank you so much for creating a uniform that women can feel great in and also get the job done. I would highly recommend the Green Hip label and will be continuing to wear it now and in the future!

Jessie Buckley | Horticultural Technician, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

As a field officer, I spent extensive time outdoors working in the bush. However, I always found it difficult to find comfortable, sturdy pants and tops that would see me through various weather conditions. I've found that I like the quality and look of the Green Hip field clothing so much that although I am no longer a field officer, I still love wearing it to do my gardening, going away on weekend camping trips and sometimes just because it looks great!

Cara Reece | Victorian Government

When I wear my Green Hip uniform, I feel smartly dressed. The cut of the shirt and the quality of the material makes me feel like this. It is nicely shaped and comfortable.

Misha Davine | Horticultural Technician, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

I love Green Hip! I love the luxurious feel of the fabric, the colour and the detailed construction. With that little bit of stretch, pants and shirts are easy to work in, and the natural absorbent cotton is comfortable even when you get hot. Be a hip gardener and get into this great workwear!

Tina Denham | Garden Designer, TERRAvivus

I love the shirts because they are a great fit, slightly stretchy which makes them very comfortable to work in and they look smart and professional. As soon as I put my first one on (five years ago!) I knew I wouldn't need to search for a work shirt anymore! Thank goodness for Green Hip!

Sophie Read | Horticulturalist, Sophie's Gorgeous Gardens

Hi Green Hip team. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your clothing range. I have three pairs of the pants, so I always have a clean pair ready every day. They are great in the garden and for walking the dogs, great pocket design for secauters or snips and my phone fits in well too. I love that they wash and wear so well and I can happily go from garden to shops knowing I still look smart. Thanks again.

Heidi Fitzsimmons | Horticulturalist and beagle owner!

Finally pants that fit and are comfortable! The pants almost feel like tracksuit pants, lovely and soft and with some stretch to the material, you can bend, twist, kneel and get yourself into whatever position you need to be without the restrictions of normal work pants! I also love the elasticised waist at the back of the pants, all my pants gape at the back (my bottom is a bit fuller than regular bums!) and when sitting cut into the front of my stomach while still gaping at the rear waistband, well not at all with these 'give' pants. Sitting all day on the mower I have never been so comfortable, thanks so much for designing these work pants!

Kerry | Happy customer