Green Hip provides women with work clothing that expresses their sense of worth and enhances their sense of identity.    

Through clever design and fabric development Green Hip allows women to work in comfort and style, in a tailor made fit for all women in the workforce.

Green Hip recognises that clothing is the visual validation of a person’s sense of identity, the outward expression of a person’s sense of worth and provides design and style which complements a woman’s self expression.

Green Hip was created out of the sheer need for great quality, safe, comfortable and stylish workwear designed for women. Women now have a sense of worth and identity, no longer do they have to wear unisex, scaled down workwear.

Located in Geelong, Victoria Australia, Green Hip Workwear is not just for the workplace, our workwear is versatile and can be worn on the weekends too.

You won’t even think twice about wearing your Green Hip gear on the weekends, read our reviews on the product page and you'll see countless examples of happy customers.

We are proud to say our workwear is designed by women, especially for women.

Over the years, we have joined forces with local Land Care groups and have planted over 30,000 plants in Victoria, Australia. This is our environmental pledge, for every garment we sell we plant a native grass, shrub or tree. Giving back makes us feel great and spending time with our local community gives us a great feeling of connection.

Whatever you're doing, your new Green Hip gear will make you feel great.


Meet our Founder, Liv Thwaites.

Liv Thwaites is the founder and creative force behind Green Hip.  A Horticulturalist by trade, she knows first-hand how ill-fitting workwear can impact your day.

"Workwear brands weren't paying attention to women, and it had to change.  I set out to create a brand focused on our style needs and safety.  Clothing that says 'we belong here and we're comfortable!"

Determined to shake things up in a blokey market, Liv created and produced Australia's first line of job-ready clothing for women.

Green Hip has grown a cult following through clever design and fabric development.  Green Hip is proudly stocked by big brands and savvy small businesses across Australia.