Getting the chance to introduce Green Hip to visitors from Melbourne, Victoria and interstaters too, was to say the least, a thrilling experience! The changing room was a hive of activity for all three days and hearing our customers gush with excitement over gear that FINIALLY fits them properly was, to say the least, loads of fun! Sure, I’m passionate about my business and the workwear I have designed for women, but what really counts for me is the fact that women can feel empowered and actually get behind the tools in comfort and style. I didn’t have the opportunity to wear such comfy workwear when I was a full time horticulturalist so I get a real kick out of seeing women appreciate my business.

I’d like to thank everyone who came out to visit us during the home show; it was a humbling experience being able to exhibit Green Hip at such a fantastic event. Additionally, it was great to be able to meet an idol of mine, Kevin McCloud, who I found out to be a generous, friendly and quite humorous individual! It was also an absolute pleasure to have a visit from Melissa King (Garden Gurus) & Julia Green (The Block).

Additionally, I’d like to say a BIG thank you to three ladies who assisted us during this three-day trade show – Angie, Bel & Sal - I couldn’t have done it without my honorary Green Hip Girls!

Olivia xx 

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