Your not alone! After a recent visit to a retail workwear store the Green Hip team witnessed, first hand, how many workwear stores have a limited range of womens workwear and it is difficult for petite women to fit into the available men’s size small workwear.

For most petite ladies out there, men’s workwear – no matter how small brands make it – just don’t fit. Whether it is too big in the waist, hips or legs; smaller framed women just can’t win when it comes to workwear. Even the alternative female workwear ranges are still too large. So, those of us who carry a smaller frame have no options.

Thankfully, Green Hip caters to everyone. Ranging in sizes from 6 to 20 – all female tradies can happily fit into our gear. Additionally, with a leg length option of ‘Regular’ or ‘Long,’ ladies under 165 cm can finally buy a pair of workwear pants without having to roll them up!

 Petite trady ladies, stop wearing ill fitting men’s workwear! Green Hip is here!

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