Tradie Mag April/May Edition: The Story behind Green Hip

Tradie Mag April/May Edition: The Story behind Green Hip

We love our write-up on the latest Tradie Magazine. Here's the story!

Liv Thwaites is used to getting her fingernails dirty.  As a qualified Horticulturist, Liv’s spent almost as much time in work wear than she has in her casual gear.  Fed up with having no other option but to wear men’s workwear, Liv decided to take things into her own hands and design functional and stylish women's workwear that fits.

Growing up on a farm in the Otway Ranges, in Victoria, Liv was always bound to work with nature after spending hours in the garden with her mum.  She became an Apprentice Gardener, working in Melbourne and remembers vividly her first work issued uniform. 

“On my first day of work, the workwear I was issued was hideous.  It didn’t fit properly, the leg length was too short, the crotch too long and chaffed the inside of my legs.  And the styling…well, there was none! I felt like I didn't belong and my identity as a woman was next to none.”

Whilst her work experience and skills progressed, the comfort and practicality of the work wear did not. 10 years later, Liv was still working in ill fitting and unpractical gear.   Working at the Royal Botanic Gardens as a curator she even tried to get some custom-made pants made, however the cost at the time was exorbitant.

A new adventure took Liv and her husband to Bangkok where she became obsessed scouring the markets for fabric and manufactures and began designing new styles of work pants, shorts and shirts.  Being in such a textile dominant marketplace meant Liv had the opportunity to connect with amazing suppliers and whilst she didn’t have textile experience, she knew what the industry needed; clothing that allowed easy movement and comfort all at once and she was ready to take the bull by the horns. Green Hip was born in 2010. 

Today, Green Hip provides women with work clothing that expresses their sense of worth and enhances their sense of identity.  Designed by women, for women, their clothes are made with a light weight, cotton stretch fabric and each garment is uniquely designed to be flexible to the specific needs of the female body.  Green Hip was the first women's workwear company to launch with stretch fabric. The range is extensive, including Gardening & Farming, Trade, Hospitality, Safety and Lifestyle - the signature overalls and shortalls are proving to be huge crowd pleasers! 

Green Hip wants to make a lasting difference to the planet and has recently aligned itself with the Tree Project to plant thousands of trees each year. Their manufacturers are all certified for ethical clothing and all packages are shipped using compostable environmentally friendly packaging. 

Green Hip can be found in over 100 large retail stores including and not limited to Mitre 10, Hip Pocket Workwear & Home Hardware. Liv has created a loyal customer base who loves the look, feel and practicality of the workwear.  The Royal Botanic Garden staff are now sporting Green Hip workwear, something that makes Liv smile every day. 

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