The Perfect Pants For Women

The Perfect Pants For Women

Safety First:

Your safety is a high priority at Green Hip, that is why we provide top of the line safety while on the job complying with several standards including UPF 50+, AS/NZS 4399 and AS/NZS 4602.1 2011 (for Pants Cargo Reflective Only). Additionally, all Green Hip gear is produced without the use of harmful chemicals such as Formaldehyde and AZO dyes.

Green Hip pants are made from a soft durable and breathable cotton stretch fabric so when you are working your mind will be 100% on the job not having to worry about uncomfortable and ill fitting workwear. Our engineered pants are fit for purpose with refined but functional utility pockets to ensure our gear doesn't get caught on machinery, rip or cause injury to the wearer; an issue many women have when wearing mens workwear.

All of our Green Hip garments are designed with a working knowledge of women's needs, ensuring female wearers can rely on practical function paired with comfort and safety.


In regards to workwear, durability is of utmost importance. All Green Hip garments and fabrics are rigorously tested to ISO/AS/ANZ standands to ensure our products are durable, resistant to rading and is tough enough to withstand our harsh climate. Just to name a few, we test for Hi-Vic compliance, pre-shrunk, UPF rating as well as tear and abrasion resistance and colour fastness.

Quality and your safety is super important to us!


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