Thank you 2022!

Thank you 2022!

WOW! What a year! Our Green Hip team has been non-stop from January to December all to deliver the very best! So here is what we have been doing, where we have gone and who we have met. Let's wrap this year up!

Our Crew

Our journey starts with the hands that feel our fabric, our crew. This year we have welcomed two new team members Kat, and Victoria. We wouldn't have been able to do the things we have without these amazing people.

Kat is our brand new sales representative, working hard from morning to eve chatting us up in 3 different states. And Victoria, our marketing coordinator- without her I'm sure our Instagram feed and stories would not be as entertaining.


Where did we go?

Green Hip is going Global! This year we attended the Global Botanic Gardens Conference where people from every corner of the globe come together to talk about the environment, plants and the people who care for them. 

Now speaking of the environment we hosted two tree planting days in two different locations in Victoria, that maybe you attended? They were a huge success. Bringing our total plants planted to over 43,000!! 

If you attended the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show you would have seen us there as well. It's our biggest event of the year! For a week we practically shut down the office, pack up and head up the road to Melbourne. (Keep an eye out next year.. ;) )

What did we make?

This year was huge in terms of product development and launches. You might even be wearing something right now! 

For all you tradie ladies we launched our Hi-Vis range in Orange and Yellow. For the gardeners our Shorts Give Cargo. For the Green Hip lovers our Shortalls and for everyone- our size range is now extended to 24 across every style!

But keep your eyes peeled because 2023 is going to be even bigger! We have so many new ideas and so many new styles just over the horizon.

The Green Hip Crew

We couldn't have done all of this without some extra help from some very special people. Thank you to our newest friends of the brand:

  • Kirsty and Jesse
  • Camila the Caulker
  • Jackie Green 
  • Jas Whiting
  • Amber Whitfeild
  • Katie King
  • Sarar El-Chiekh
  • Brooke Thomson
  • Amy Gibbs
  • Abby Lee
  • Libby Lissner
  • Kerrie and Spence
  • Melissa King 

+ and so many more!

We are so excited to be continuing our relationship with you and to form new ones throughout the new year!

If 2022 was the year of new- New people, places, and products. Then 2023 will be the year of growth- Expanding, experimenting and empowerment.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and stuck with us though this year. Look out 2023! We are full speed ahead!

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