Fellow tradie ladies, how many pairs of workwear do you go through in a year? When I used to work out in the garden I’d go through my workwear clothing and need to get a new set every 6 months. The first thing I would notice was the colour fading in my gear while standing beside other tradies who had just purchased new garments. Secondly, I would begin to notice the uncomfortable amount of garment shrinkage and pilling. Eventually, it would get to a point that every time I put on my workwear I would just cringe.

Over the last few years I have discovered that other workwear companies relish in the fact that their customers need to re-order their workwear approximately every 6 months because of sub standard quality. At Green Hip we want to break this cycle and provide a quality garment to our customers. We want your workwear to last for YEARS not MONTHS! We absolutely love seeing our customers in their gear after years of continued wear.

To us, workwear is not a seasonal fashion garment that is meant to be disposable – it is meant to be as tough as the ladies wearing it. So, it’s time to break the cycle with us and buy the workwear you deserve!

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