During the Christmas holidays, there is no denying that things can get busy and unfortunately this is when accidents happen. Whether you’re working on the farm, on a work site or walking the dog in the early hours of the morning please go slow and stay safe these holidays. 

This year, Angie (my sales manager) and I have been on the road a lot, exhibiting at trade events all around Victoria, Australia. One resounding message we heard from our customers was the Hi-Vis pants are a must when working on the farm. Often dairy farmers will be working in the early hours or late into the night and women have for centuries been overlooked when it comes to high visibility work wear and our Hi-Vis gear will help keep you safe and comfy while getting the job done.

So from the farm to the work site all around Australia, we wish you all a very merry and safe Christmas full of joy and great company!

Olivia xx

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