Shop In-Store Locally with Infinity Workwear and Safety Gatton

Shop In-Store Locally with Infinity Workwear and Safety Gatton

Not only is the workwear store a locally run family owned business but the entire team has grown up together after first meeting at primary school. In fact, the team’s children even go to day-care, school and place soccer together as well – what a fantastic community based workwear store!

As Green Hip is also a family owned business; we love working with and supporting local community leaders such as Shaun, the stores fantastic owner. Shaun and his close-nit team offer competitive pricing, one to one customer service and customer embroidery on workwear and uniforms for their retail and business to business customer base. To top off their fantastic ‘family unit’ team you will also be able to deal directly with Shaun ensure your service and ordering is done accurately and on time.

By being based in Gatton their entire lives, the Infinity Workwear and Safety team are able to assist business throughout the area to ensure each local company and government council is outfitted in the safety and most comfortable workwear available. As an independent stockist; we are thrilled they are ensuring their customers female employees are being represented and outfitted in Hip gear.


Whether you’re a local or based in the area we’d highly suggest you contact the Infinity team for all your businesses workwear and safety gear needs. This stockist will go over and above to ensure your entire male and female workforce is taken care of!


Infinity Workwear and Safety / 53A Railway Street, Gatton

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