Many Total Tool stores are now supplying workwear to their customers. So! While you’re shopping you’re your tools ladies, you can now go and try on some Green Hip gear too! The Ballarat store as a huge range of our workwear and they just love to help their female customers in any way they can.

Known as one of the most innovative and ahead-of-the-pack Total Tools outlets, Tim at Total Tools Ballarat has worked 7 years to make his retail outlet not only a specialist in trade tools but also workwear. Tim and the team have worked hard to create a strong workwear presence including specialty brands such as Green Hip due to his male and female customers’ demand.


As the owner of the branch, Tim and his qualified staff wanted to ensure he was catering to all his customers both male and female; helping them make a living in every aspect of his customers’ work lives - from tools to workwear.

Focusing on providing knowledgeable and caring customer service, the Ballarat Total Tools team offers a wide range of products with over 13,000 different unique and wonderful products available in-store. The location is complete with comfortable change rooms and knowledgeable staff that are here to help Green Hip fans. Specifically, as for the head of workwear, Jaye, who loves the gear so much she wears it herself! Who better to help you with picking the right size than someone who wears it herself!


Pop in today to say hi to Tim, Jaye along with the rest of the team and check out all the wonderful products they stock taking home one of their great product catalogues, which include Green Hip!

Thank you Tim and team for all your support in female tradies in your area!

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