Pulling the big shifts

Pulling the big shifts

After the holiday season has ended and we are packing up the Christmas tree, or taking out the recycling bin. We finally have a chance to breathe and a chance to reflect on the last few hectic months…

For those who worked over Christmas, or pulled an all-nighter at the bar on New Years; Thank you for pulling the big shifts, and Green Hip is here to support you!

Consumer Chaos

The shifts are long and feet are tired in the retail industry with many people starting as the store opens and finishing at closing time! Retail is a huge part of the holiday season. Stores are preparing for it for months and months beforehand. And without the workers there would be no retail!

During these hectic months you need clothing that will move with you (but is still cute!) That's why we have our pants original! These pants offer you a full range of motion but still has that professional look about them that you need. 


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Barking Mad

Whilst you're off holidaying up north somewhere without your furry friend, the people who look after your pooch have a full schedule with everyone else's pooches too! The kennels and pet sitters at this time of year are for sure run off their feet!

If you're in the industry you’ll know just how hard it can be to find work appropriate clothing that's suitable for the hot weather. We have got the perfect shorts in multiple lengths and colours for you to be keeping up the hard work! 

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Healthcare Heroes

Who here has had a Christmas emergency room visit? Perhaps you (or the hubby) was cutting into the Chrissy ham and slipped with the knife! Or maybe the chicken wasn't actually cooked all the way through and you got an upset stomach (thanks dad..)

If you haven't ever noticed, hospitals or healthcare facilities never close! Even on the biggest days of the year, they're open dawn to dawn every day. 

We have nurses that wear our gear every day. And they need comfort, reliability and durability. That's why we recommend the Pants Give Cargo, available in four different colours to match your scrub top. 

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There are so many industries that boom from the holiday season! These are only a few. Thank you for pulling the big shifts, and thank you for your patience and kindness. Green Hip is here for you! 



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