Green Hip has pledged for every garment sold a native grass, shrub or tree will be planted to help support the environment and the owner Olivia Thwaites is excited to be part organiser in this major project.

‘I grew up on a farm in the Otways and the environment has always been very important to me. When I was a kid, Dad used to take me platypus watching at night and we’d follow the platypus down stream. When I started my business in 2010 I decided I really wanted to give back to the environment through my business venture and this project in particular really means a lot to me.’

This major restoration project will help enhance the blackfish population in Charley Creek which flows through Gellibrand. Supported by land owner Jock Richmond, the restoration will create a major landscape icon for the Gellibrand Community. An eight-hectare portion of the beef property will now be managed for natural resource management values. This area will be retired from grazing and restored to a condition to provide habitat for koalas, many other animals and improve the river health for fish and platypus populations.

‘This section of Charleys Creek has many Willow trees growing in it that cause the stream to get shallow and reduce in-stream habitat suitable for blackfish, platypus and other species. Restoring degraded waterways is a key priority for the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority and the Victorian Government.’ Says Andrew McLennan member of Land Care group, Land Water Resources Otway Catchment (LAWROC).

Green Hip and LAWROC will be calling upon their customers, family and friends to come join them plant out 35,000 plants for a weekend long planting festival held in October.


‘We are calling for at least 100 volunteers including children from 5 years of age upwards who are keen to plant lots of trees and have a great time. It does rain a lot in Gellibrand and this is why the planting weekend is held later in the year rather than on National Tree Planting Day.’ Says Olivia.

The local community will be getting behind the event and helping support any people who wish to come stay in Gellibrand and enjoy what the Otway Ranges has to offer.

‘It’s going to be a fun weekend of planting and LAWROC will be providing lunch and local knowledge about the environment while Green Hip Workwear will have their shop for people to try and buy their gear.

‘It’s going to a challenge planting 35,000 plants in two days but I’m sure we can do it!’ Says Andrew.

Join us in a massive weekend of giving back!

For those who want to RSVP for the event please contact Green Hip Workwear For Women

Supporting groups making this event happen include:

Green Hip Workwear for Women


Corangamite CMA

Anam Cara House

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