Friday 18th November: National Agriculture Day 2022

Friday 18th November: National Agriculture Day 2022

Agriculture is so deeply rooted into Australian soil that it accounts for 55% of all land currently used nation-wide. From the first nations, to the modern farmers that put fresh foods on our table, agriculture is Australia. It's time we celebrated that.

Friday the 18th of November is National Agriculture Day. Celebrated on the third Friday of every November it's a day to recognise and celebrate the abundance provided by our agriculturalists and the farm sector. 


The Backbone of Australia

“In winter's chill or summer's heat, farmers work hard so the world can eat” 

When was the last time you reflected on where your food comes from? When did you last think about the person who planted that tree or seed? Do you know who planted, fertilized, grew and harvested the grain in your bread? 

The answer is our Aussie agriculturists; our production horticulturists, Broadacre, crop and livestock farmers. Without these dedicated individuals the world would halt- let alone eat!. 

Without farmers the nation stops. Without them, we have no primary source of food. If there were no farmers we would all face the major problem of food deficiency.  

Who grows the food when the farmers stop farming?

Global Impact of agriculture

From the small scale local trading to large scale global trading agriculture accounts for 12 percent of Australia's goods and services trade. The global agriculture and food trading system spans international borders and brings in and out fiber, food and other essential commodities that cannot always be provided by individual economies. Having these trade systems assists and compliments domestic food production by providing food security.

It's time to celebrate our farmers, agriculturalists, and those hard workers on the path to become one. 

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