A couple of weeks ago the Green Hip team attended a trade exhibition in Melbourne and naturally I brought the newest member of the team, my baby boy William. As soon as we walked into the event it was obvious that there were only a few women in attendance, exhibitors and visitors alike. As our all girl team made our way through the stalls I saw two other mothers with babies around the same age as William. One women was a vendor and one was a visitor such as myself and all babies were on top behaviour quietly relaxing in their prams as their mothers worked. While speaking with various exhibitors most gentlemen ignored Williams presence said for one who specifically came up and said that he wouldn’t ignore us simply because I had a baby.

Although I really appreciated this man’s comment it got me thinking – why did it have to be said? Why should I be treated any differently than anyone else at the exhibition simply because I was a mother? In a world as diverse as it is, why is it still so hard to be a woman in the trade industry?  I am a successful business woman who happens to be a wife and mother of two, shouldn’t that be something to be celebrated not looked down upon. Today we are seeing the highest level of respected female CEOs and executives in industries, why should that respect be altered once we choose to focus on our growing families? We are the same women with the same ideals and goals, having children does not change this.

I am more focused and driven on growing my business since my son’s birth and I personally feel like I am growing three children not two! I am so passionate about supporting women working in the trades by providing quality workwear that actually fits and therefore women can work in pure comfort. To quote Coco Chanel ‘luxury must be comfortable otherwise it is not luxury’ and to be honest, I truly wanted to create workwear that is luxurious and I hope to hit the mark for the sake of women working outdoors. 

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