Liv is the owner and founder of Green Hip. She’s a born and bred tradie lady and grew up on a farm in the Otways, Victoria. She is a trailblazer and still a farm girl at heart. A lover of the outdoors and a huge passion for providing the best possible workwear available for women working on the tools, her customers motivate her every day to grow her business around the nation. She’s still getting used to calling herself Olivia, she prefers to be called Liv but finds her name gets confused with Liz when talking on the phone so rolling with Olivia is so much easier! 


What Do You Like About Green Hip: I love to meet my customers and I thrive on feedback.  When I see a customer on the street wearing my gear or hear from friends who saw a tradie lady wearing Green Hip gives me the biggest kick! I am still in love with horticulture and the environment and I am excited to be sticking to my promise to plant a native grass, shrub or tree for every garment. So we’ve been planting around the state since 2010.

What’s Your Favourite Green Hip Product: It’s so hard to choose but I would have to go with ‘The Original’ Pants Original in Gardener Green. This was the first ever pair of pants I designed which I was inspired to do when having to wear such unflattering uncomfortable men’s wear. 


Angie is Canadian and loves the Aussie heat! With a background in fashion design and merchandising she is by no means a tradie lady. But after almost three years at Green Hip, as the sales manager and production consultant, she has grown a true passion for the gear and promoting women in trades. After growing up around the Canadian equestrian industry with a strong history in retail and customer service she brings something a little different to the team.


What Do You Like About Green Hip: I love how Green Hip’s customers are the main focus of the company. After working in ready to wear retail for many years it is refreshing to be involved with a company who truly does care about their clients. Green Hip’s drive to promote and support women in trades is also very inspiring and a wonderful environment to work in.

What’s Your Favourite Green Hip Product: As I’ve told many of our Green Hip’s customers over the years, my favourite Hip product is the ‘Every Bron, Vick and Sally’ Give Cargo Pant. As a ‘pear shaped’ woman this give style fits me perfectly and the mobile and cargo pockets are the ideal features!


Nicole is a Geelong girl and has recently started an internship at Green Hip. She is a part-time design student and part-time Graphic Designer for Green Hip. Nicole has only just begun her design journey and is thrilled to be apart of the team. With quite a sport orientated background, she is a lover of the outdoors and is extremely glad to be working for a business which supports women in the outdoors!


What Do You Like About Green Hip: I absolutely love the friendly work environment both Liv and Angie provide for me. They are the faces behind Green Hip and they always support and encourage me to improve. As a fresh addition to the team, it is really humbling to see them invest so much passion and love into the business.

What’s Your Favourite Green Hip Product: It is so hard to choose my favourite Green Hip product because there are so many amazing options to choose from. But I would have to say that my favourite product is ‘The Lady Roamer’ short sleeve shirt! This is because it is so comfortable and I feel like I can conquer anything when I’m wearing it.

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