Meet Kristy from Charlie & Jack

Meet Kristy from Charlie & Jack

Hello Gorgeous Green Hip Tribe, I’m Kristy!

I live in the lovely seaside town of Victor Harbor, SA with my beautiful family.  It’s also where I run my little business CHARLIE & JACK (an Indoor plant & gift store).

I was born in Melbourne and moved to Gellibrand in the Otway Ranges when I was 14, right near my beautiful Cous Liv!

In hindsight, I can see what a positive life change that was for me, being surrounded by wildlife, nature and family.

I met my husband David 24 years ago while working in a café in Melbourne.  He had a beautiful 2 year old, Kiah who I instantly fell in love with too.  We’ve always been very close and I am so grateful to have her as my “daughter from another water.”

David and I lived together on the Mornington Peninsula, then later moved to Inverloch in South Gippsland, Victoria where we extended our Fam with our two gorgeous kids, son Jackson & daughter Charlie, (who crazily are about to turn 20 & 17!!)

10 years ago we moved to SA after a discussion while buying a live chicken called “Shelley”!  We live in our home with our Rhodesian Ridgeback Juno, cat Audrey and about 6 years ago my MIL Christine also joined us in SA!

Having my own business came about after I was made redundant in November 2017 from my Student Services role and I had a 3am epiphany of opening a plant shop in Jackson’s “Man Cave” at the back of our property!  I had a passion for indoor plants and had a collection of over 120 in my own home, (and a motto “Plants before People”, although I would still choose my family first of course, ha, ha!)

On 20 January, 2018 (also Liv’s Birthday!) I opened my store, with the help of my amazing family, and my incredible husband’s brilliance and ability to be a Jack of all trades, master of all!

I have since expanded and stolen two more sheds and I’m about to pinch the last one in the row (sorry honey!)

Almost three and a half years in, and I now have three of the best staff possible, Flo, Annabelle and Jackson (and Charlie often lends a hand too!)

Before opening the store, I started a Facebook Group called Crazy Indoor Plant People Australia (C.I.P.P.A) as I thought all of my family and friends were getting sick of my plant pics and new leaf photos!

I had to get Jackson to join, as you needed more than one person to start a group, and unbelievably we now have over 146,000 members (which for me and my lovely moderators is another full time job!)

My dreams for the future include finishing the B&B we are currently renovating (a beautiful old building next door to the shop), turning the “last shed” into a beautiful Community and Workshop space, and when Covid allows, us travelling around in my “C.I.P.P.A” Van (“Nelson Vandela” – who is due to arrive hopefully in August), meeting the incredible members and businesses of the C.I.P.P.A Community, and discovering their stories and incredible plants!

On Mother’s Day, I don't expect much, well except love and breaky in bed! 

Sadly, I lost my own mum at 39 to Glioblastoma Multiforme or GBM (an aggressive form of Brain Cancer) when I was 5 but was incredibly lucky to have some beautiful, loving and strong woman in my life. 

My paternal Grandmother, “Nana Marshie” (nicknamed after the delicious chocolate marshmallows she used to make) was a beautiful, kind and loving person, and a huge role model to me throughout my life.  She shaped the kind of person I aspired to be. 

To me, Mother’s Day is all about honouring all of those role models, Mums, Step Mums, Sisters, Cousins, Nanas, and Aunties xxx


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