Meet Katherine From Made By Katherine

Meet Katherine From Made By Katherine

My name is Katherine and I've loved many creative pursuits from a young age.
I turned my jam making hobby into a full time business that saw me working in events in several different states of Australia. I am also the author of a book about this that is selling on Amazon, it's called 'Full Time Hobby' by Katherine Chernov.
Like the rest of the world, everything came to a halt in 2020. The result of this was I had time to renovate my little shack and shop building in rural NSW.
I opened my little shop in December 2020. Apart from my products, I have a whole range of gourmet goodies, homewares and pantry treats and staples.

I grew up in Melbourne, inspired by my mother, reading great books and lots of travel and I ended up moving to the country by default, during the pandemic - funny how things happen in life!! The peace and quiet is great for reflecting and creativity.
Apart from my business, I love working in my garden where I now grow vegetables, fruit and flowers. My friend Liv from Green Hip has given me some great gardening tips. And I absolutely love my super comfy Green Hip workwear !!
There isn't anywhere I'd rather be...I'm happy at home just being me, in my kitchen, or shop or enjoying the sunshine in the garden.

For Mother's can't beat a home cooked Sunday family lunch, some wine and lots of laughs.


Find out more about Made By Katherine on instagram @madebykatherine

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