Growing up in the country and learning the benefits of working with my hands on the farm at an early age, was to me, the perfect childhood. Feeding the cows during the coldest winter days and rearing baby animals was all part of childhood on the farm and I am still so lucky to be able to visit the farm I grew up on and teach my daughter about farm life.

I don't think any women would disagree that there is nothing better than getting out there and working your dream job… comfortably! After years of working in the Horticulture industry, I reached my limit of wearing ill-fitting uncomfortable men's workwear day in and day out. I decided to do something that would not only make me feel better but allow my fellow Gardening buddies to feel great too. My workwear now covers many other trades and women working in the mines, construction and all sorts of industries are now wearing my Green Hip designs - which is really exciting for me! 

Being a small business enables me to get to know my fantastic customers who are proud women working in male-dominated trades. We love giving women the opportunity to wear comfortable but durable workwear. Not only does my gear last for years it will allow you to feel more confident while sweating it out with the blokes!

The learning curve of managing a business has been steep but the growth of Green Hips and my own personal growth go hand in hand. I am now a proud mother, wife, and entrepreneur and while Green Hip has gained real presence and relevance within the industry, with a growing number of stockists and consumers, the juggle of life and business has definitely been worth it! The joy I get from fitting out women and hearing the sigh of relief that someone has finally listened to their problems is, to say the least, exhilarating. As our customer base increases, I look forward to meeting the incredible ladies who often are the backbone workers within the trades and I am really excited about our new styles and designs that we can offer our customers soon.

Fellow lady tradies, wives, mothers and entrepreneurs – come join me in celebrating who you are (a woman!) and the joy of not wearing men’s workwear! I look forward to meeting you at Grand Designs Live Melbourne.

Olivia xx

Owner and founder of Green Hip

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