Meet Green Hip Ambassador Rebecca

Meet Green Hip Ambassador Rebecca

Green Hip’s empowering and all-encompassing community is continuing to grow! We are always thrilled to introduce and welcome new members into The Green Hip Tribe. Everyone comes from such unique and inspiring backgrounds, each with their own story to tell. In this week’s blog post we introduce you to Rebecca from Green Hill Living. Rebecca has been a part of the Green Hip Tribe from the very start. Rebecca is passionate about edible gardening which shines through her educational programs and initiatives.


First seedlings...

Rebecca began her career in the finance sector after the completion of her Bachelor of Management. After having her 2 daughters, Rebecca began looking for something to put her mind to that would be meaningful and inspire others. This is where the seed was planted to grow Greenhill Living.


Working alongside Green Hip’s Liv, the two brands have worked in partnership to help grow and develop each other. A beautiful partnership that has held strong for almost 10 years now.



From little things, big things grow…

Greenhill Living’s 10-year journey has been full of passion and adventure. Rebecca’s enthusiasm to connect and educate future generations on where our food comes from and how to rehabilitate and care for our environment, has led Rebecca to places far and wide.


She has 10 self-published books that are part of educational programs in preschools and primary school across Adelaide. The program aims to support teachers in achieving learning outcomes in sustainability and so much more. The program also supports garden growing education to promote outdoor learning environments in schools.  




Future fields…

Greenhill Living has continued to grow in 2020, with more avenues of education becoming available. Rebecca recalls the joys of gardening with our future generation creating lifetime memories that she knows will help keep them grounded.

Rebecca’s future goal aims to connect with more teachers and future farmers, in order to inspire more of us to appreciate the value in caring for our environment.

Recently, Rebecca has launched her own online program. The program supports and inspires teachers nation-wide to keep gardens growing and healthy through all the seasons of the year.




When work is your hobby and passion, you never ‘work’ a day in your life. Rebecca always finds herself thinking about gardening, education and caring for the environment. Her creative spirit helps develop new and exciting ways to educate future generations about the joys of gardening. The only downside being the very little time she has to spend in her own garden.   


Be sure to check out Greenhill Living’s website and social media pages for upcoming exciting community initiatives and company developments.

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