Meet Green Hip Ambassador Kerrie

Meet Green Hip Ambassador Kerrie

As the Green Hip community continues to grow, we are being introduced to new community members every day! It is always a thrill to meet somebody new with a different background, and a new story to tell. This week on the blog we introduce our Green Hip Tribe member Kerrie. Kerrie is the most recent addition to our Green Hip Tribe. Kerrie is all thing renos - she loves getting her hands dirty and getting the job done! 


Laying the foundations…

Kerrie began her career as a nurse. It wasn’t until she renovated her first home that she found her passion for renovating and interior design.

Renovating her first home was a task to do all on her own, but she loved every minute of it. Drawing on inspiration from far and wide to create her own home that she was so proud of at completion.




Next, the framework.. 

After meeting her now husband, Spence, the two built their own home together here in Victoria, whilst also renovating another project for the two of them as an investment. 

With more projects under her belt Kerrie became confident in her knowledge of building but also styling.





Final touches...

Spence and Kerrie moved over to South Australia, where they moved into a home that they had planned on renovating, but like all things their pathway took a little detour.


Accepted on to Channel 9’s The Block, Kerrie and Spence were about to begin a new adventure. The challenge was hard, and at times frustrating, but Kerrie and Spence oved and enjoyed the experience so much.


The two hold fond memories of their time on The Block. It truly was where Kerrie became more inspired than ever to continue and start new projects. 



Now residing over in South Australia on their farm, Kerrie has been loving her time spent outdoors with animals. She recalls the not so glamourous parts like picking up the poo, pulling the weeds and shifting hay, but hey isn’t that what the farm life is about?  

Kerrie is currently thinking and creating new projects. She really can’t wait to get her hands dirty with another creative outlet.  




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