Meet Glenice Buck from Glenice Buck Designs

Meet Glenice Buck from Glenice Buck Designs

Getting to know our customers is a highlight of our week and meeting Glenice Buck certainly was good fun! The CEO + Founder of Green Hip, Liv Thwaites delved back into her horticulture past and got to know more about Glenice Buck's passion for design and gardens. Everyone comes from such unique and inspiring backgrounds, each with their own story to tell. In this week’s blog post we deep dive into Landscape design and the joys of gardening. 

History in the making

Located in Young, NSW, Glenice Buck is an extremely talented Landscape Designer and since she was 6, Glenice knew exactly what she wanted to do when she 'grew up'. She loved the outdoors and was drawn to gardening at a very young age. In the heart of Cherry land (Young is known as the Cherry capital of Australia!), Wineries, Olive groves and stone fruit country, Glenice and her husband Phil, have planted their roots firmly in Young so their 3 year old son can grow up in rural New South Wales. 

"I grew up in Sydney and although I love the city, we were looking for more wide open spaces and the chance to raise our son in rural NSW." So in 2016, Glenice and Phil packed their bags and bet the post pandemic rush to move to the country. They have found the community in Young so supportive and friendly and there is definitely an increase of Sydney and Canberra citizens moving to Young.  

Glenice has a thriving business in Landscape Design and Garden Maintenance and has multiple qualifications under her belt including a Diploma in Aboriculture and Associate Diploma in Landscape Design. She loved the hands on course that Ryde Horticulture TAFE offered and has never looked back.

The work that Glenice Buck does is varied from going on site measuring out the landscape ready for the planning stages. Once the plans are approved by the client then its time to finalise the planting plan and prepare the site for planting. Hard landscapes are also incorporated into the designs and all aspects have to be considered from utilities to colour schemes.

Glenice Buck Designs Landscape Designer 


Oh How We Change

Through the years of study and working in the Horticulture and Design world Glenice has made do with the clothes she wears while on site (mainly jeans) but it was post pregnancy that Glenice found it the toughest to find any clothing that were comfortable for the heavy duty work required.

"After my C-Section I found it hard to find clothing that were comfortable. I bought 6 different pairs of pants - I mean, I have hips and none of the pants fit me properly and I was constantly hitching!" Glenice says. "I absolutely love Green Hip and the SKNY Flex high waisted pants with the knee patch and the new Overalls. I won't be wearing anything else."

 SKNY Flex womens work trousers Tradie Lady

The Dream! What's to come in the next 3-5 years...

Although Landscape Design was Glenice's main focus when working in Sydney and now Young, Glenice and Phil have taken the big plunge to work together. Phil maintains the gardens that Glenice creates. The perfect partnership! Garden Maintenance is a skilful job when managing a garden that has been Architecturally designed and the beautiful thing about a garden is it is never finished! As plants grow, the landscape changes and micro-climates can be created. The skilful care of Garden Maintenance after a new garden is created is an important element to maintaining a beautiful garden and Glenice and Phil have this mastered.

Glenice is also growing her empire and plans to employ 1-2 people to help support her thriving business. She also has a passion for writing and you can subscribe to her monthly newsletters that focus on monthly garden tasks, practical garden tips, plants in season and garden events. Glenice also has a dream to write E-Books to pass on her knowledge and tips on how to design your dream garden and the skills of caring for your garden. The idea to create a Garden Journal ap is in planning mode and Glenice will also kick back into her Garden Workshops now that the world is opening up from the pandemic.

Feast your eyes and follow Glenice and Phil on instagram so you can learn all that Glenice has to offer and follow her Landscape Design journey.

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