Live Life Cleaner, Think Greener: Sustainability at Green Hip

Live Life Cleaner, Think Greener: Sustainability at Green Hip

We only get one chance at planet Earth, so it's our responsibility to take care of it.

Here at Green Hip HQ, sustainability matters to us. We always have been, and always will be committed to the environment and keeping it clean.

We never said that running an environmentally conscious business was easy. Often we run into walls, try systems and new eco products that fail miserably, but that doesn't mean we give up! We are always looking for new ways to improve on our eco status and find new ways and habits to keep us green!

Our Promise

Our aim as a business is to continually reduce our carbon footprint to aid in the restoration of our natural environment. That's why for every garment sold, we will plant one native grass, tree or shrub. Since 2010 Green Hip has partnered with local land care groups and have planted over 40,000 native plants. It's incredible what can be achieved when a group of enthusiastic people gather together with one common mindset: “Get stuff done!” Many hands make light work!

We’re Keen to Get Green!

As a smaller business, we don't underestimate how far little things can go. So even doing something as small as proper recycling practices makes a huge difference in the long run. 

Recycling is great, but our sustainable habits don't end there. From the office we run in, to the package that arrives at your door, our mind is on the earth.

The Office

Green Hip HQ is where our sustainability journey starts. Being an office it can be tough to not use paper, so it's a priority to us to keep as much as we can up in ‘the cloud’. But for the things we absolutely need printed, any paper waste is recycled accordingly, or reused for other things like quick notes. 

Here we have a 3 bin system that's also used throughout the warehouse. One for rubbish, one for recycling, and a compost bin for food scraps. We are so lucky to have 2 compost bins here on site which are used to fertilize our gorgeous garden.

The Warehouse

The next stop is our warehouse, where all the fun stuff happens. If you have shopped with us before you'll know that the package you receive in the mail comes beautifully wrapped by one of our packers. What makes this even more exciting is that when you receive your parcel in the mail, you can throw the bag, postage sticker and wrapping, into your compost or green bin! 

We have even recently swapped out our packing tape for a water activated paper tape roll, as well as an eco plastic tape that is recycled. We are absolutely loving having a greener conscience.

Lastly, any soft plastics we come across, we collect, and take to our local recycling facility. As well as plastic, our cardboard gets collected and never goes to waste, we either recycle it or use it in the garden. Anything that isn't used for orders, or storing office supplies in, also goes to our local recycling center.  Keeping our waste hygiene good is extremely important to us, and we are so happy with how much we have achieved, but there is so much further we can go. 

Here at Green Hip one of our core values is sustainability, we are doing our part for the planet.

Are you?



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