Safety First!

Our shirts are made from a soft durable and breathable cotton stretch fabric so when you're working in the heat or tough conditions your mind will be 100% on the job.

Our fabric allows ultimate comfort and safety while you're at work.

When you're wearing ill-fitting workwear the risk of injury is high. Baggy sleeves can catch in machinery, gaping shirts mean women need to wear multiple layers to feel decent at work which consequently can result in heat exhaustion. Our shirts have more centre front buttons than a regular mens shirt. All of our Green Hip garments are designed with a working knowledge of women's workwear needs in the trades and services industries, the finer details of our garment design means women can rely on practical functional paired with comfort and safety.


Quality and Pre-Shrunk!

Green Hip workwear is modern and tailor made to fit all body shapes. Over the years we have fitted so many women in different shapes and sizes, the oohs and aaahs that we get from our customers when they try our shirts on is overwhelmingly positive.

All of our garments are 100% pre-shrunk. This means less hassle for you and your workplace with fewer orders needing to be placed.

Quality is super important to us!

Spread the word ladies! Share the love and help support women in the workplace!

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