We are launching BLACK!

We are launching BLACK!

Green Hip is so excited to announce that some of your favourite products are coming in a new colour way, BLACK!

The versatility of black garments means you will be able to transition Green Hip products from a work setting to more casual settings such as, after work drinks or weekend activities! By offering more garments in black, Green Hip's range is becoming more rounded and complete.  



Our SHORTS ORIGINAL, PANTS ORIGINAL and SKNY FLEX are all ready to be ordered. The new black styles create an opportunity for all women to work in comfort, safety and now, style!

When designing and developing products, the Green Hip team are always thinking about how our customers can take Green Hip Workwear, out of the work setting and into everyday wear.



We are so thrilled by this launch and are looking forward to expanding our range. These new black styles are just the very beginning of what is to come!



Our new black styles are ready for pre-order NOW!

Let us know which products you’d like to see in black next.

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