New Lakehouse Reno's For Kirsty & Jesse

New Lakehouse Reno's For Kirsty & Jesse

Life since filming The Block 


Kirsty and Jesse of The Block 2021 are keeping busy and seizing every opportunity since their appearance on the renovating show. Life for the couple after filming finished has been flat out. Starting their own podcast, renovating their home at Lake Macquarie and Kirsty releasing an album in the Top 50 Australian charts!


“Jesse has his music video production world, I've got my singing world, we've got the renovation world, there's so many different things and we're always on the go doing so many different things." Kirsty says.

The Lakehouse

"We built a $4.5 million dollar house in three months, surely we can get it done in six." Kirsty and Jesse have big plans for their house in Lake Macquarie, hoping to have all the renovations complete by the end of 2022. But not only are they renovating, they’re filming the process to turn into a series. Followers of The Block love learning about architecture and interior trends, design decisions and renovation hacks. We can’t wait to see what Kirsty & Jesse have in store for the reno.  



‘Wild’ at heart

Even though renovations are underway, Kirsty’s music career is pumping! Her newest album titled “Wild” topped ARIA country charts and was the number one Australian album during the week of its release. “Wild” was an independent album, with hopes for collaborations with other artists in the future. While Kirsty has had number One albums before, this release was the first time she has topped the all-genre chart!

Guess what…


We are absolutely thrilled to announce Green Hip is Kirsty’s workwear sponsor and we’re very excited to be working with these two amazing renovators.

Keep an eye out whilst watching their Lakehouse Build for our familiar logo and products!


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