During the years I worked as a horticulturalist one of the most frustrating aspects of wearing mens workwear (among others) was dealing with shrinking garments. The amount of times my new pants would shrink after being washed was annoying to say the least, not only did I look a fool while working in short length pants but it was uncomfortable to wear!  My socks would get wet while working in the rain and my ankles would get cold. The only option was to wear gum boots most of the time which, everyone knows, are quite hard to work in 24/7.

When purchasing most workwear it feels like a guessing game between two options. You can either purchase workwear that fits your and hope it doesn't shrink in the wash or buy oversized workwear and pray it shrinks up in the areas you need.

Either way it seems all you can do is hope and prey your gear co-operates in the wash...and as most of you know - it never does! Then comes the painstakingly procedure of having to return and exchange your garments to the proper size.

Whether you do this individually or through your company it’s a costly hassle.

Now, it’s pretty easy to avoid this whole debacle by buying pre-shrunk workwear to ensure your workwear will fit you throughout the years! There is no costly hassle with returns and you can work in comfort from the minute you wash them.

I am so pleased to offer workwear for women that is Pre-Shrunk and now with Green Hip the guessing game is over.

Happy Working!

Liv xxx

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