Being one of the biggest farming events in Australia, last year the event had over 25,000 visitors with this year’s 40th anniversary bound to be the best show yet.

The owner and creator of Green Hip, Liv Thwaites was tired of wearing men’s workwear when working as a Horticulturalist so she decided to design her own work gear and has never looked back. Now, thanks to Liv’s determination and hard work, women no longer have to wear uncomfortable and unflattering workwear.

‘I think, more than ever, farmers need our support and it feels good to know we are doing our bit by supporting women farmers with safe and comfortable workwear for working on the farm.’

For year’s women have been expected to wear ill-fitting uncomfortable men’s workwear while working on the farm which can be hazardous when working around machinery. Baggy workwear has the potential to catch in machinery and can cause injury or death. IN the past there has been very few workwear options for women that are fit for purpose.

‘My unique soft cotton/stretch fabric allows movement and comfort for women while working in the Agriculture industries. With a modern cut women can focus on the job at hand instead of fussing with their baggy workwear. We get such positive feedback from our customers on a weekly basis who love to wear Green Hip day in day out. It’s a great compliment!’ Liv says.

The two-day show will be held at the Hamilton Showgrounds from Monday August 6th to Tuesday August 7th and is the largest event of its type in the world. This is where the ‘best of the best’ sheep breeders compete and some of the country’s most passionate food, fashion and fibre lovers gather to celebrate the mighty Australian sheep and farming industry.

Green Hip will have changing room facilities and stock on hand for all of their customers to try and buy their comfy workwear.

‘I’m just so excited to be back at this year’s show to celebrate it’s 40th year! It’s the best show of its kind in the world and my business has a lot of connections with Hamilton with one of our fantastic stockists, Hip Pocket Workwear and Safety located down the road from the event.”

Since 2010, Green Hip has supplied women around the country with modern, comfortable and stylish workwear that has grown from a few styles when launched, to now carrying 11 different styles of workwear and accessories. Green Hip is based in Geelong, Victoria and can be purchased online and has over 30 stockists around Australia. 

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