Green Hip is Sizing Up!

Green Hip is Sizing Up!

Our beloved Give Cargos are extending their size range. Sizes 22 and 24 are now available for purchase in Green. The navy blue is arriving end of June, while Khaki and black will be arriving late August but are available for pre order through our website now.

Widening our size range is something Green Hip has wanted to accomplish for a long time, and we are so excited that it has finally come to fruition. Many consumers have waited months for larger sizes, and upon the request from the government during an ongoing project, we are finally able to develop larger sizes in our beloved Pants Give Cargo.


N.B. Our size 22 and 24 Give Cargos are only currently available in the Green. Size 22 and 24 in Navy will arrive late June. Khaki and Black are available for pre-order now, with delivery expected in late August.



Green Hip recognises that clothing is the visual validation of a person’s sense of identity. No- one should have to feel uncomfortable in clothing that is ill-fitting or be left with limited choices for workwear. At Green Hip we strive for inclusivity and equality in the workplace, and therefore our ability to provide larger sizes for our consumers is just one step closer to achieving this.

 Plus-size clothing is the fastest growing segment in workwear apparel. It’s so important that everyone has the opportunity to have well-fitted apparel that makes them comfortable and confident. This is even more important for workwear as it is clothing that you wear day in day out, and where potential accidents can occur. So, everyone should have the right to properly fitted clothing without hazards such as baggy legs or loose sleeves. Green Hip wants to help eliminate any potential accidents and provide comfortable workwear to everyone, which is why providing larger sizes for women in trade is so important to us. Everyone has the right to safety and comfort in their workwear.



 We are so happy with all the positive feedback we received during the soft launch of our ‘All Women Overall’. The overalls feature an expansive button side which satisfy various sizes and fits, available in sizes 06 to 24. It was been tailor designed to a women’s body so that you aren’t drowning in material or between sizes.

The button sides also have the ability to cater for maternity wear, providing a comfortable work appropriate overall to women who are at any stage of pregnancy; pre, during or post-partum.

The overalls have been months in the making, and we are so happy with how they have turned out. We hope that you love them to.


N.B. The ‘All Women Overall’ can be pre-ordered online, for delivery in late August. Available in Navy, sizes 06 to 24.


This opportunity has given Green Hip the chance to diversify the range, and we can’t wait to see more of our Green Hip community in our products. This size expansion is a step in a really positive direction, and we are excited to see what this brings for Green Hip.

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