Green Hip In the Press

Green Hip In the Press

According to the CGU Ambition Index, 68% of Australians believe we have a culture of negativity surrounding ambition with 75% of Australian business owners agreeing.

Well, Liv Thwaites, who is the owner and creator of Green Hip Workwear for Women, is proud to say she’s an ambitious small business owner and loves the word Ambition.

Liv’s ambition is to “stock Green Hip workwear in 70 stores around Australia by 2020” CGU and Nova are helping turn Liv’s dream into a reality.

Supporting women in the trades and services industry is the driving force behind Liv’s passion and commitment to provide comfortable, safe and stylish workwear specifically designed for women.

‘Often my customers say to me they also had thought of starting a womens workwear brand but the reality of actually doing it is another story.’ Liv says.

Many people have great ideas but taking it to the next level and actually setting up a business is not easy and ambition plays an important part in creating change and growth.

‘If I’m having a bad day I often remember the way I felt when I donned the baggy green men’s workwear to work every day. It was demoralising and uncomfortable. I wear my Green Hip gear in my office, to my parents farm and of course when I’m gardening at home with the kids.’

Liv worked as a horticulturist for many years before creating Green Hip out of the sheer frustration in having to wear ill-fitting mens workwear.  Many of Green Hip’s customers have had to face this situation and it’s a common story how deflated and sad women feel when allocated workwear that simply wasn’t made for their gender.

Green Hip is currently stocked in over 30 stockists across Australia and now many women working within the trades and services industries don’t have to worry about this issue anymore.

‘We are so thankful to our 30 stockists who have sold my independent womens only workwear label. Their wholehearted support for Green Hip is helping women around the nation feel valued. It sounds a little over the top, but my workwear is helping change womens working lives on a daily basis. We could not have grown Green Hip without our stockists support and I look forward to welcoming new stores into the Green Hip Family. ’

As a local regional Geelong based small business, Green Hip is proud to make other tradie ladies dreams come true by providing comfortable and safe workwear for their work lives. This kick starter grant is going to help Green Hip make a difference for more women working in the trades and services industry’s across Australia by giving Green Hip the opportunity to reach more stockists looking to support the women in trades movement.

Here’s a comment on Green Hip’s Instagram written by @greenhillliving  ‘Thank you for your outstanding effort. Every day I dress for work I appreciate what you do!’

It’s an exciting time for women in trades and Green Hip is so thrilled to be a part of it!


For more information about the CGU Insurance Kick Start Grant please follow this link:

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