Louise, is a fairly new customer to Green Hip but instantly we were impressed with her passion in supporting women in all fields - including her own as a veterinarian with eight years of practice under her belt. On a daily basis Louise deals with the health and wellbeing of small animals preventing, diagnosing and treating every animal that passes through her clinic door. As a vet she acts as a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, anesthetists and surgeon all in one.

Along with her love and passion for helping animals Louise truly enjoys building trusting relationships with her patients owners as well as their pets and values her interactions as an important part of the profession. Anyone who has ever owned an animal, no matter how big or small, would understand the importance of trusting your vet as many owners see their pets as ‘furbabies’ and only want the best for them.

By working in a mixed animal clinic Louise also works with horses, cows and sheep in-house and out in the field visiting her patients in farms out in the country. Whether she’s spending her day in the clinic or out on a farm Louise typically can count on getting covered in hair, dirt, blood and sometimes even urine and faeces. This is where her relationship with Green Hip works so perfectly; no matter what she gets on her pants she knows how easy they are to wash! With our increase back rises, comfortable cotton/stretch fabric and feminine cut Louise is able to bend and pick animals up without worrying about her pants moving, being to tight or being uncomfortable while working.

Green Hip is so pleased to be able to supply workwear to customers such as Louise, as pet owners ourselves we understand how important veterinarians are as they act as the first line of call between wildlife and the public. This means all injured koalas, kangaroos or birds get assed and/or treated by vets before being sent to wildlife carers for rehabilitation and released back into the wild (if suitable). No day is the same in the life of a vet and we love how amazing people like Louise find their highly stressful work interesting and satisfying – without these daily heroes our local wildlife and cherished family pets would be lost.

Here is an example of a summers day Louise can experience:

It can start off with booked consultations with routine surgeries involving desexings, lump removals, vaccinations, ear infections and itchy skin cases followed by a call out to a lame horse or two. Then emergencies can role in involving anything from car accident victims to snake bite or snail bait intoxication cases.

For years the veterinary profession has been male-dominated both internationally and within Australia. However, after an industry shift twenty-five years ago it has become a more female dominated profession with an average 80% of vets qualifying from universities across the world being female. Green Hip is so pleased we are able to assist these amazing women working in cities as well as farming communities breaking down barriers proving they are capable of providing care for all animals no matter the physical, gender or age stigma’s they may face.

Here’s to all the incredible vets out there like Louise and we look forward to continue to support females within the profession for years to come.

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