One specific lady has stood out over the years as she has been wearing Green Hip since 2012 and now wears the entire Hip range including our Pants Original, her favourite product.

Created 5 years ago, the team at Parkesbourne Produce started their unique company by growing a lot of veggies and fruit while selling at the local markets. Later due to popular demand from various customers within the fine dining restaurant industry, the company began to specialise in soft rare and unusual fruits such as youngberries, boysenberres, purple raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants in addition to the alpine strawberries.

The ‘two-man’ team made up of Julie and David Anderson began this fantastic business after retirement from demanding corporate jobs. The couple dreamed of self-sufficiency, as many of us do, therefore Parkesbourne Produce can be seen as an early retirement project gone mad now that they are so busy.

Coming from a farming background it was a natural progression for Julie to create Parkesbourne Produce from the ground up with extensive knowledge under her belt and with the love of working outside. Since purchasing her first pair of Green Hip pants, working outside has never been easier, whether Julie is pruning, weeding, planting, picking digging or delivering produce to fine dining restaurants she feels comfortable in her Green Hip gear!

Today, when asked what she loves most about her day Julie will say “Going out with the intention of doing one job and finding yourself completely immersed in something entirely different.  I really love germinating rare fruit from seed, its challenging and exciting.  But I also love the connections with my 'Insta buddies’. So sometimes there's a surprise in the mailbox (cuttings, bulbs, plants, seeds) from an Instagram friend.”

Through growing specialised and rare fruit, the company offers a unique collaborative adventure to its customers through offering top chefs truffle hunting and plum picking to surprise deliveries of specialty plants. This bespoke and quality customer relationship has even been acknowledged by Julie and David receiving a Delicious Gold Medal in 2017 for their Alpine Strawberries and 2018 Delicious State Winner for their Rainbow Raspberries.

Green Hip is so proud to be able to provide women’s workwear for incredible customers such as Julie, who in her own right is contributing to the world of dining while promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle to all women Australia wide.

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