Earlier this year we had the pleasure to work with Gardening Australia Magazine on a Letterbox Competition in which applicants had to describe their most essential garden apparel when working in the garden.

In the end we had eight winners who received our fantastic Broad Rim Hat as a prize. In particular, one story stuck out from the rest and touched the hearts of the Green Hip team.

Please meet Claire Ripepi – also known as Mrs. Ripepi to her students. Claire is a teacher from Matraville Public School located in Matraville, New South Wales. Throughout the year Claire had been working on a gardeni plot with her students educating them on the aspects of horticulture. Once seeing the competition in the monthly issue, she asked her students to do an entry as a class exercise. With the student responses so fantastic, she decided to submit them to the magazine. Her class had two lucky winners through the Gardening Australia competition with the prizes being presented to the students in an assembly celebrating their accomplishment.

As a company passionate about teaching the younger generation about the value of nature both professionally and personally,we couldn’t be more thrilled to be apart of this beautiful story.

By taking inspiration from Claire’s environmental work with her students we hope more teachers, parents and communities will pick up a similar approach to the importance of educating the next generation about nature.

Excellent work Claire and Matraville students of 2016 – you are a true inspiration!

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