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SEA LIFE Melbourne is a well-renowned Australian attraction that takes guests on an interactive ocean adventure filled with amazing discovery around every corner. Home to king and gentoo penguins, nurse sharks and mega croc, visitors are in for an exciting day discovering thousands of amazing sea creatures.


As big fans of all the work SEA LIFE Melbourne offers in the conservation and protection of Australia’s unique aquatic animals and their habitats; the Green Hip team is thrilled to introduce the team of beautiful ladies who run the Penguin Playground, who happen to wear the brand’s top selling SKNY Flex Trousers.

The team working within the Penguin Playground have been wearing Green Hip since September 2018 and they love the gear as their trousers work perfectly underneath their ski wear while also being super comfortable, durable and warm.

This zone within SEA LIFE Melbourne features the beautiful king and adorable gentoo Penguins. The exhibit contains snow-covered ice so the penguins can chill out, splash and slide about the penguin pool.

For fellow penguin lovers out there; here are some fun facts about the SEA LIFE

Melbourne penguin colonies:

The colonies are made up of king penguins and gentoo penguins.

King penguins are one of the most visually-stunning creatures in Antarctica and second largest to the Emperor Penguin. Preferring to move together as a group with their vibrant down (feathers), impressive stature and regal nature, king penguins are mesmerizing to watch.

Meanwhile, gentoo penguins have curious and outgoing personalities with endless supply of energy, similar to that of human toddlers who get into everything. These cute and cheeky penguins are also the fastest underwater swimming bird in the world getting up to 36kg per house, wow!

These beautiful birds keep the Penguin Playground team busy but the ladies wouldn’t have it any other

To give a better understanding how this team of amazing women provides for these adorable creatures here is a bit more about what they do:

  1. Team takes care of every aspect of penguins’ life from feeding, enriching, providing materials for breeding, water quality and ensuring filtration systems are operating correctly.
  2. It’s a very physical job with the ladies spending 2 hours every morning cleaning the exhibit which includes hosing the ice, scrubbing all the rock-work and windows, shoveling the ice to make it safe and putting fresh ice into the exhibit.
  3. For the rest of the day the team runs around making sure everything else is taken care of for the penguins well-being including feeding, cleaning and maintaining support systems.
  4. Feeding is very important! It is a little known fact but penguins love to eat! Currently these cute little guys get 45kg of fish every day during the 6 to 8 feeding sessions offered daily.
  5. In order to enrich the penguins lives they are provided different opportunities each day to promote natural behaviors such as swimming, foraging, exploring, playing and singing. These beautiful creatures enjoy sprinklers, bubbles, small pools, towels, new rocks and ice mounds to climb, tunnels, bridges and sometimes even listening to music.

Bio-security is taken very serious at SEA LIFE Melbourne. Every task taking place behind the scenes includes thorough cleaning and disinfecting regularly. The team is even required to wear ski gear over top of their Green Hip uniform while inside the exhibit for bio-security reasons as well as health and safety requirements as the exhibit is -2 degrees at all times for the penguins’ comfort.

Green Hip is proud to be able to support the women working within the Penguin Playground and love all that they are doing for quite possibility the cutest exhibit in SEA LIFE Melbourne.

Want to get on the ice and meet the team’s penguin friends? Contact SEA LIFE Melbourne today to get the ultimate penguin encounter where you’ll come face to face with their king and gentoo penguin colonies. Visit for further information.

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