My name’s Liv and I’m the creator and owner of Green Hip Workwear for Women. 

I worked as a horticulturalist for 10 years before I decided to solve the problem that women across the nation were talking about. The problem was, women gardeners had few comfortable workwear options and most women chose to wear the mens over the womens styles, including me! Little did I know that years after launching Green Hip that my gear would be worn not only while working on the tools but as weekend wear or any adventures outdoors. Sure, I loved to wear it absolutely everywhere and turns out my customers do too!

Our innovative signature cotton stretch fabric is the unique difference to other womens wear. The breathable cotton stretch fabric allows for movement while getting outdoors but it's still durable and will tolerate tough working conditions. Sounds comfy right?! I wear my Green Hip shorts when I’m hiking, to the beach and on my parent’s farm.

Camping! It has to be said it’s a great way to de-stress with no technology and re-connect with nature. Our kids absolutely love camping and it’s one of my favourite things to do. It’s a time to get dirty, feel the elements (rain, hail or shine) and relish in the basic things in life. If you haven’t scheduled in your camping trip this Summer it is a must! Sometimes all you need is 2 nights of camping to feel relaxed and refreshed ready for the busy lives we lead.


As we learn about other industries who we now cater for, I am often think as a women, I was accepted into my workplace and never felt disadvantaged by my gender. This is not often the case for women in male dominated industries. I grew up on a farm with two older brothers so working in a more male dominated trade never really phased me, that said, for my first job I was fortunate to work with 3 other women in a team of 5. My Tafe class however was a different story! Gender diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of many leading businesses and government agencies and providing women with other workwear options is something we pride ourselves on! 

Gardening is a passion of mine and always will be. I absolutely love getting into my garden with my kids and getting on top of the Spring jobs that have literally sprung up! Being able to get them enthused about gardens and growing things is a true joy for me and a garden or farm visit is always on the top of our ‘to do’ list during school holidays. Being able to wear my very own workwear while spending time with my children teaching them my passion is something I truly treasure.


Do you have a similar story to me? I'd love to hear about it! The more we discuss our pasts, what drives us and future hopes and dreams the easier it will be for the next generation entering into the workplace.


Thanx for reading and happy working in comfy gear!

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