It was great to get back to this month’s NGIV Trade Day to visit all of the wonderful lady tradies that we met last September! What was even better, we were able to meet new customers who instantly felt the difference in our hip gear! Each lady had summer on her mind and our breathable cotton material is exactly what was needed!

We also had the lovely opportunity to be a vendor at this year’s Werribee Manson Show! What a BEAUTIFUL location to spend a day selling our workwear. Despite the rain throughout the night, we had a beautiful sunny day and the Rose Gardens were spectacular and gave off the most wonderful scent. A special congratulation goes out to Rachel Webster our Werribee Manson Show Newsletter draw winner! Can’t wait for you to try out your new Tradie Cap!

Getting the chance to introduce fellow Gardeners to see the difference of Green Hip to other workwear is an experience that never gets old. Hearing from customer to customer how wonderful the fit and fabric of our gear makes all our hard work worth it! It really has been incredible to meet our new and excisting hip customers this past week!

Now, if you ccouldn’t make it to the November NGIV or Werribee Manson Show then don’t worry! We’ll be showing at next months NGIV trade day - December 2nd! Come and say hi!

Summer is here ladies – so lets get our Green Hip Short Sleeve Shirts and Shorts on and get working!

GH xx 

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