Thank you to everyone who came out to visit us last Tuesday morning! It was a chilly start but with our trusty Green Hip 100% woollen beanies and the promise of meeting new tradie ladies we quickly warmed up. It felt fantastic being involved with NGIV Trade Day once again. I still vividly remember working one of my first trade shows as an apprentice horticulturalist years ago - the day was as busy and exciting just as I remembered!

I can not tell you how fantastic it feels to get back in touch with my first love, horticulture, and to be able to fit out a new generation of lady tradies who have just as much passion as I do! I couldn’t take the smile off my face the entire day, meeting new vendors and fitting out new customers, who instantly could feel the difference in our hip gear, was to say the least, re-affirming of why I decided to creat Green Hip! I don’t know how many times we heard “Oh my, they are so comfy” throughout the day!

What a great start to the new spring season! I can’t wait for more days like this to come so keep an eye out for our next announcement of attending the NGIV trade day.

Olivia xx

Owner and founder of Green Hip 

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