Come Plant Trees With Us! Tree planting 2022

Come Plant Trees With Us! Tree planting 2022

Sustainability Matters

Here at Green Hip sustainability matters to us. We recognise the importance of being ecofriendly and take pride in our commitment to improving the environment. We aim to have a carbon neutral footprint and through partnering with local Landcare groups we have successfully planted over 40,000 native plants to aid in the restoration of our natural landscape.

Running a sustainable business can be hard at times, especially during recent years. However Green Hip promises that our protocols, office behaviours and daily habits are as sustainable as possible! At Green Hip we are stiving towards being 100% ecofriendly. We continue to work hard every day to ensure all our packing materials, including our mailing bags, tape and shipping labels are environmentally conscious.

Additionally, we continue to work with other local businesses to further our sustainable efforts.


The TreeProject

The TreeProject is an organisation committed to working together to put trees and plants back into the land. Working with local communities, rural landholders and Landcare groups who need support in revegetating our environment.

The project was founded in 1989 when two friends Maggie McLeod and Belinda Gross were discussing the state of our environment and whatever travesty towards our planet came up, there was always one solution: planting trees. Right then, they made a commitment to plant 1 million trees. Since that moment in 1989 TreeProject has sown over 2 million, and they have no plans to slow down any time soon.

Green Hip Workwear has been working with local land care groups since 2010 and this year we are planting with TreeProject to put on our “Tree Planting Days” as a part of our sustainability pledge. This is achieved though the Green Hip community banding together to support our local ecosystems, with one common mindset “Get stuff done!”. Here at Green Hip, we love to get our hands dirty and it’s amazing what can be achieved when we all chip in and work together!


We need your help! 

After a long few years of lockdowns, our tree planting days are back for 2022! We’d  love for you to join us for a day of planting trees, shrubs and ground covers on multiple beautiful properties across Victoria.

We need help planting 3,000 seedlings to protect or waterways, improve ecosystems, and create habitat for local wildlife. We currently have 2 planting days available with a hearty lunch and morning tea provided, as well as great team work and lots of fun!

Our first planting day will be held on Friday 22nd July at a beautiful property in Mount Moriac.

Sign up at <> and lets get planting! 

Our second tree planting day will be held on Saturday 10th September at Kerrie and Spence from The Block’s property at Mia Mia near Heathcote! Only 25 spots left, don't miss out!

Sign up at <


We would absolutely love for our Green Hip crew to come and get involved and help us make a contribution, big or small, towards making a better planet for the future!

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