Celebrating Women Everyday

Celebrating Women Everyday

Here at Green Hip we love to celebrate women everyday! Since 2010 we have recognised that clothing is the visual validation of a person’s identity, the outward expression of a person's sense of worth and provides design and style which complements a woman's self expression. Over the next week we are celebrating women with a giveaway that will be announced via email on International Women’s Day Tuesday 8th March. Simply purchase any items from our online store for $150 or more and you will go in the running to win 1 of 3 $150 gift vouchers. Let the fun begin!

We chose some of our faves and asked them to share some stories about their inspirational women in their lives. Here’s to all the amazing women in our lives!  

Rebecca From Greenhill Living

Back in 2010, the same year Green Hip commenced, I started my own business Greenhill Living.

Inspired by my twin sister Amanda of Planted Life, who had started her own business promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet, I had an epiphany 

“another way to inspire people to eat more plants is to inspire them to grow plants”.  

As you can see, it is all about inspiration!

All these years later we are still inspiring each other. Grow Plants, Eat Plants! This is a motto we continue to live by every day. One vision feeds the other, quite literally!

We all need food to live, and I believe there is nothing more important to teach our children about than how food grows! They are our future young farmers after all.

Plant food is the food that helps us live well and watching Amanda fuel her body with plants and complete ultra-endurance running events multiple times a year is all the inspiration I need to promote to our future generation the benefits of growing and eating fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Words by Rebecca of Greenhill Living

Follow Rebecca and Amanda’s journey on instagram. 

Rebecca: @greenhillliving

Amanda: @plantedlifeau

Rebecca from Greenhill Living IWD 2022

Jackie Green from The Sorrento Studio

I noticed her feed when scrolling Instagram, my first thought was “what! Someone that makes WORK overalls for women, by women!!!!“. I was in awe and excited that someone had finally thought to design durable, tough clothing for women.I first met Liv when she came to meet me bumping in for my exhibition located at 26 Advantage road.

I absolutely loved this. 

Starting out in a male dominated industry as a sign writer the only overalls that were available for me were white, in sizes- x large and the fit only suited men. Why would they produce overalls in white when they know you are going to get covered in paint? The pain factor was they didn’t have my size, the smallest was a mens size small and

Wearing menswear, I look like a giant egg, not being tall I felt awful! 

So I used to go to various shops such as Vinnies or the Salvo’s to look for cool overalls which I loved, but they were fashion overalls and often lightweight in material, and I would have to throw them away after two weeks

or I might find some amazing demin overalls but the strap would fall off, or they would feel terrible when you had to bend down mixing paint. They looked good but weren’t designed for physical work like I do.

When I tried the Green Hip Overalls on I fell in love, they fit perfectly, a beautiful soft fabric yet strong, and they looked great. The straps move when you move but don’t fall down. You can bend down without the seam going through your Ho har and they feel great and practical.  

When I was recently painting a job for the Conti in Sorrento my mate Sean, said to me, I like your overalls, I explained that they were made by women for women. He replied “I want some, why are they just for women”   ahaha - we have done a full circle. I explained women have been expected to wear men's clothing for years with very few options and that I hear men are buying Green Hip too which is pretty cool. 

Thanks Liv + Team, you’re an inspiration and I feel so grateful you have worked so hard over the years to provide such an awesome product.

Jackie Green The Sorrento Studio IWD2022 

Jacklyn Foster Art

Jacklyn Foster is an award winning, intuitive, mixed media abstract artist who creates contemporary, fun and vibrant art. She grew up in Regional Victoria in Mildura and is now a full time artist living with her husband and beloved dog in Geelong Victoria.

Jacklyn teaches intuitive art classes across Australia, and mentors up and coming emerging artists, sharing her knowledge and wisdom to help others in their journey.

Jackie would love to honour the women who make time to come to her art classes (her participants are primarily women, although her classes are a safe space for all!). Jackie has so much respect for those who are willing to make time for themselves, be open and curious about their creativity, and to let go and create art for the pleasure of it.

So often women put their own needs last, and struggle to make time for mindfulness and self care activities so she appreciates when they set aside any apprehension and attend a class. 

Jacklyn Foster Artist International Womens Day 2022

Liv Thwaites from Green Hip

Here's a few words from our CEO + Founder Liv Thwaites about the inspirational female figure in her life. Liv's mum.

"Inspirational people come in all forms and my mum is someone who I have looked up to my whole life. Her kind, generous spirit, laughter and thoughtfulness all bundled in one big mass of love. On this day I like to honour every woman who has chosen to work full time, part time, stay at home with the kids, volunteer or dedicate their lives to animals. There are so many inspirational women in my life and choosing just one woman is not an easy task. My mum worked when I was in my teens, volunteered for multiple organisations, gave and continues to give endless love and energy to her kids (I have two older brothers), grandkids, farm animals and the community in the Otways. A dog lover; with Louie as her Granddog and top of the list of most loved, Mum is 100% supportive of my business aspirations and is always cheering me on from the sidelines. When change has moved slower than what I would've like, mum would make gentle reminders that Rome wasn't built in a day and to persevere in what I believe in; reassuring that change is on the horizon. 

When mum was working in a bank in Melbourne back in the 60's and married dad she was expected to resign, It was an expectation that she would run the household and have babies. Not one to 'cause problems' or go against the grain, Mum stopped working. Imagine this happening in 2022? There is still a long way to go in bridging the gender bias but like mum says, we are making progress. 

Mum loves bright colours and always has her hot pink or red lippy on. Her garden is filled with colour and joy. My kids love exploring the garden on the farm and all the hidden gems. It's people like my Ma that fill hearts with joy and bring so much good to this world. A great woman and a superb role model.

Liv Thwaites CEO + Founder of Green Hip & her mum IWD 2022

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