Brighten your Friday One Tip at a Time on IGTV

Brighten your Friday One Tip at a Time on IGTV

From weeding to painting, interior design to carpentry, every Friday Green Hip will present a new video full of tips, tricks or an activity to get you excited for the weekend. The video series will be presented on the Green Hip Instagram profile as an IGTV (@GreenHipWorkwear) and we encourage anyone in our Green Hip Tribe community to join in!

Getting out in the garden or starting a new home project can be a daunting task. Whether you’re painting around odd shaped corners, weeding an overgrown garden bed or looking to start composting. Green Hip acknowledges the skill and understanding one needs to have to take on such tasks, and we are here to help! 

Green Hip are proud to announce the new weekly IGTV series, ‘Friday Tips’. Every Friday Green Hip will post a short two to three-minute video of tips and tricks for around the house or garden on our Instagram page. This series is aimed to inspire and help anyone with their own homes and gardens. Or even just to give you a fun activity to fill your weekend with.


Founder of Green Hip, Liv Thwaites, worked in horticulture for over a decade before becoming a business owner and entrepreneur. The knowledge and skills she developed during that time have been a driving factor in how Green Hip products are envisioned and designed.

Liv is passionate about the outdoors and wants others to get involved in their garden too. Pulling on her skills in horticulture, Liv will present garden tips or tricks in the Friday videos. From weeding to pruning, herb gardens to plant disposal, your garden will be flourishing in no time. 


Sharing these tips and tricks, coming from different experts in their fields will foster and build a community of women in trades. Opening discussions online for everyone to share in their knowledge is what we love most!

As this ‘Friday Tips’ segment continues to grow and flourish we hope to bring in members of our Green Hip Tribe. So not only are you getting comprehensive knowledge and skills from a certified horticulturalist, you will also hear from other Green Hip Tribe members! Ladies who specialise in all areas of the trades, including; interior design, painting, carpentry and edible gardening.

But, if you think you have a tip or trick that you think you could share, send us a message and we’ll get in contact to feature you on our Friday segment. The segment is the beginning of a community, bringing together ladies from different trades and backgrounds. All of us appreciating the outdoors and trades collectively.


Isolation has given many an opportunity to better their home surroundings. From new herb and veggie patches to little home improvements. 

One of the main trends that has come out of COVID-19 has been the growth in demand for home grown produce. Bunnings and Mitre 10 selling out of seedlings almost daily from the number of consumers coming in to start their own at home veggie and herb patches.

Tino Carnevale interviewed by Leon Compton on ABC radio Hobart, spoke highly of the benefits of gardening. Explaining the calming and accomplished feeling as an effect from getting out in the garden and ‘getting it done’. And we couldn’t agree more!

Setting yourself a new task to do or completing a project that’s been waiting in the wings could be a really great way to spend your weekend. Make the most of some good weather and have fun while doing it.

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So get on board… it’s going to be thought-provoking, inspiring and exciting! Be sure to follow the Green Hip Instagram page (@GreenHipWorkwear) and see a new video every week. Each video capturing the beauty of mother nature and appreciating our ability to get out and do it ourselves.

If you’ve got an idea or suggestion for a video, leave a comment. We would love to hear what our Green Hip Tribe want to see from us.

See you Friday for a new and exciting video!

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