We'd love to meet you at this years 140th Annual Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show!

It’s always such a highlight when we get along to trade and agriculture shows where we get to meet our customers face to face. To say we are super excited to be attending the Bendigo Sheep Show this July is an understatement! It will be the first time Green Hip has had a retail space at the Sheep Show and I have some strong connections to the Bendigo region. My photographer, shoot location and models are all local to the Bendigo area and our beanies are made from the finest Bendigo Wool. So you can see, Bendigo is quite dear to my heart.

We’ll have a changing room, credit card facilities and stock for you to buy so please book your tickets and come say hi. We hope to see you at the show! Olivia x 

Show Details:

Dates and Times:

Friday 14th July 9am - 5pm

Saturday 15th July 9am - 5pm

Sunday 16th July 9am - 4pm


Bendigo Showgrounds

42 - 72 Holmes Rd North Bendigo

Ticket Information:

Adults: $22

Pensioners: $17

Students Aged 14+: $17

Children Under 14: Free


Packages available for multiple visist. Visit for more information.

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