Women across the nation have had to just get on with the job while wearing men’s workwear but the refreshing thing is that Managers are really supporting their female staff by offering them a more comfortable option to men’s workwear or ill fitting women’s gear and I want to thank the progressive Managers and Supervisers for supporting your female staff.

When I was working as a Gardener, I never really thought to complain to my boss about my issued workwear because I just thought there weren’t any other options out there so what was the point? I don’t think I’m alone in behaving this way but what’s exciting is, time and time again, managers and supervisers are approaching us and asking for more comfortable workwear for their staff. Usually managers are supervisors are thanking their staff but maybe it’s time to turn the tables for the beginning of the year!

So, I think I can say, on behalf of all the women who work in the trades and services industry, thank you! thank you! Thank you!

Thank you for caring to find better options, for acknowledging that women don’t comfortable fit in men’s workwear and for actually giving a damn.

Liv Thwaites, Creator and Owner

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