A Big Step Forward for Female Australian Tradies

A Big Step Forward for Female Australian Tradies

Uniforms play a major part in boosting womens confidence, morale and workplace safety; Green Hip is honoured to help support women working in male dominated industries. Based in Geelong, Green Hip Workwear for Women can be purchased online or at over 30 stockists around Australia including select Totally Workwear, Total Tools and Hip Pocket Work and Safety locations.

For years there have been few workwear options for women who require black workwear while working in the garden, on the land or in hospitality. Women have compromised their safety and have had to wear men’s workwear resulting in high risk workplace safety hazards for our country’s female trades workers.


The owner and creator of Green Hip, Liv Thwaites was tired of wearing men’s workwear when working as a Horticulturalist so she decided to design her own work gear and has never looked back. Now, thanks to Liv’s determination and hard work, women no longer have to wear uncomfortable, unsafe and unflattering workwear.

 ‘There has been such a need for black trousers for women working in a variety of trades including horticulture and hospitality that we just had to do something for our customers and tradies across the nation.’


Made from the brands premium signature cotton stretch fabric these trousers are durable and will tolerate tough working conditions while being comfortable enough to wear doing every day errands. With cargo pockets, re-enforced bar-tacks for pockets and elastic backing this fit for purpose women’s work pant not only provides females within the trades and services industry’s comfort while working but reduces the risk of many unnecessary hazardous workplace situations caused from women wearing ill-fitting uncomfortable men’s workwear.

 ‘This is an exciting milestone from Green Hip and women throughout Australia. By wearing comfortable workwear women can 100% focus on the job instead of worrying about their workwear. We’re proud to offer our customers the our most comfortable trouser, ‘Every Bron Vick and Sally’ in a range of colour options for everything you need, we now have Blue, Green, Khaki and Black!’


After eight years trading within the workwear industry, Green Hip provides premium comfortable workwear for women working in the trades and services across the country; now including a black range proudly leading the wear for equality and gender diversity within the workplace for the next generation.
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