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Stay Safe this Winter!

Write By: admin Published In: Workwear features Created Date: 2018-08-14

For years there have been very few workerwear options for women who require safety PPE while working on the land, in the mines or on the roads.

Women have compromised their safety and have had to wear men's workwear. The risks are high with a loss of focus on the job.

The hassles of long sleeves that are too long, pants that don't fit properly or workwear that is unsafe for night wear simply don't exist when wearing Green Hip. Our shirts can be tucked into your pants if this is a work requirement, baggy clothing can catch in machinery which is simply unsafe.

Ladies, you can now put yourselves first and ensure you're safe on the job. Share the love with your friends and tell them about our workwear the puts safety and comfort first!


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