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Shop In-store with Total Tools Coopers Plains Today!

Write By: admin Published In: New Stockists Created Date: 2018-07-25

Women love their tools just as much as men do and don’t Total Tools know it!

Every week new workwear stores throughout Australia are getting on board with Green Hip and now we’re happy to say you can shop your favourite Hip gear in more Queensland locations than ever with Total Tools Coopers Plains!

Located 11 kilometres outside Brisbane CBD, Coopers Plains is a fantastic hub for a variety of tradies ranging from transportation, construction, health and food services as well as being an agricultural and forestry meeting point.

Specialising in providing a better retail experience for their customers, the team at Coopers Plains offers a different type of customer service complete with product knowledge an industry experience.

This fantastic team, lead by Mark and Fred, is passionate about service while being a part of one of Australia’s largest independent professional tools retailer.

Shop in-store today for Every Tool, Every Trade… and now Every Gender Workwear ladies!


Total Tools / 719 Boundary Road, Coopers Plains QLD

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