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Write By: admin Published In: New Stockists Created Date: 2018-06-27

We are excited to introduced one of our newest additions to our stockists family; Cambrelle's!

Camberelle’s is a gorgeous store located in a beautiful town called Nhill. It’s in the heart of wheat country in North Western Victoria and the store is  a mother daughter combo run by Vicki and Danielle and they also have an employee named Sherin.


Cambrelle’s supplies giftwares, workwear and customise their products with the added service of embroidery, engraving and laser cutting. This is a one stop shop!


Vicki and Danielle have been supplying Nhill with their beautiful giftwares and workwear since 2012 and have the friendliest customer service going around. If you’re local to the area or on a road trip from Adelaide or Melbourne be sure to stop by and try her Green Hip gear and maybe treat yourself to a little something else too!

Cambrelles / 53 Victoria Street, Nhill

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