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Shop In Store: Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety Craigieburn

Write By: admin Published In: New Stockists Created Date: 2017-12-18

Hip Pocket Craigieburn is a locally run business, which prides itself on the selling of quality products in work place safety clothing. 

Safety is very important for all industries and our focus is to give our customers a good range of options for their industry but not compromising on comfort.

The team at Craigieburn are passionate about Green Hip and how they can now help their female customers in many industry roles. John and Jan Fulton have many years business experience and understand that providing good customer service and quality products with a good team, will result in excellent results.

Their location allows for easy access to the store with loads of car parking space for busy trade and industry clients. The Hip Pocket team is dedicated to giving you the best options for the best prices!

Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety/ 300 Sydney Rd Craigieburn, Victoria.

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