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Write By: admin Published In: New Stockists Created Date: 2017-10-25

Hip Pocket Workwear and Safety Geelong is one of our local stockists. 

Brett & Katrina Hayes are the owners of this store and along with their team, they love to look after their Tradie Ladies and kit them out with their favourite Green Hip gear.

Their name may say Workwear & Safety but they offer so much more. They specialise in safety footwear, trade, industrial, hi-vis, technically specialised workwear and casual wear. You can also find a great selection of business uniforms to create a unique look for your business along with casual workwear, hospitality and club wear. Their services include garment decorations with in-house embroidery, thermal heat transfers, screen printing, alterations and free delivery.


At Hip Pocket Workwear and Safety Geelong they have a strong commitment to customer service and are actively involved in supporting the local, Geelong, community.

Brett and Katrina’s store is situated close to the Surf Coast so you can visit the store, stock up on some Green Hip gear then hit the coast and delight yourself with some beach time. Summer’s coming so pop in and say hi to Brett, Katrina and their team!    


Hip Pocket Workwear and Safety / 180 LaTrobe Terrace, Geelong VIC

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